How i got my HTC 10 200$ Cheaper

HTC 10 and how to get that great phone Cheaper

(Maybe even Cheaper than I)

OK I’m Switching to English here, mostly because a majority of my readers seems to read that as good as Swedish and those who cant read Swedish doesn’t have to Google Translate so much.

I’m writing this in 2 versions, or i should say im going to insert tip’s for those who aren’t from the US (or Canada?)

HTC 10 then

So where to begin, HTC 10 a nice (great?) phone but it costs a bit to be honest, but with the quality and functions you really get a lot for the money, but if you could get it for even less then?

HTC 10
HTC 10 in its Prime

How to do It

HTC has a customers club aka Team HTC (yes come on now and click the link) because as many other companies they want you to want them (need you to need them as the old Cheap Trick hit) and for that they give you stuff in return. So if you click on the link above, or the picture you get redirected to yes no surprise there HTC and Team HTC and you get your perk (aka reduction of prize) and i get my reward so simple as that,

So why do i feel so great giving a perk to You? Of course because i get something back I’m not that stupid, even if i love my phone and probably even might like you as a person or friend i also like getting cheaper or even free stuff don’t you?

About a Phone

So what is so special with the HTC 10 then, its quite new, its fast it has a wonderful design it feels real in the hand and not as plastic as many other phones, it has warranty if the glass shatters (not like others nodding at You Samsung)  and it hasn’t that pesky glass backside who in many cases gets hrm cracked  a lot

And i have one (and you don’t i presume hehehe) and i love it, but if you want pure info then stumble in to HTC and look at the 10 HERE or even better go via the link link above this one and get the perk because on that link its obsolete aka no 200$ off

Outside the US

For Swedes and other ppl who also want perks, if Team HTC isn’t represented in your country, then just use a USA address i often use them when ordering from the US and everything has been delivered or ok just search Google .

Ok enough now, have you ordered your HTC 10 yet?

// Janne

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